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HTMK Tööjõud OÜ

Workforce rent

Our story

Our goal is to be our customer stable partner and anticipate the customer's wishes. Our staff is always equipped with the necessary with work clothes, tools and accessories. We organize our employees accommodation, transport to work and home. The wages of our workers are always out paid on time and accordinglyfor hours worked, we do not "trick or play" with them. It can be said that we keep our employees perhaps too much, but it all pays off to our client. A person works for him who has been taken care of in such a way that he can fully devote yourself to your work.

We have managed to retain employees only thanks to ourselves of experience. Because we have also been in the role of today's customers, we know how difficult it is to find stable, qualified and willing employees. Knowing how our competitors today and suppliers at that time behaved or still behave with their employees, we decided to do it ourselves and do better.

We are already busy todayin many different fields, from which we  have drawn experience. We are experienced  in the food, electronics, metal and wood industries. In addition, we actively man construction sitesalso outside Estoniawith the necessary people. Our leadership position has Swedish BAS-U and BAS-P certificate and we have also joined through our Swedish company with the builders union.

So we are oriented to further development and growth,  to move even more towards your goals and offerthe best solutions own customers and workers.

Let's cooperate


For all inquiries or questions, please contact us by phone, email or the contact form below:


+372 55 92 55 60 RU/UA

+372 58 60 30 81EST/FIN/ENG/DE/RU/SE

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Head office

HTMK Tööjõud OÜ

Registration code 16218020

Mustamäe tee 55
Tallinn, Estonia

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